Jim Morgan

Jim began serving with Drive-In Ministries in January, 2011 when he moved to Craiova, Romania. Jim’s work consists of ministry in villages in the summer months, taking a team of Romanian young people to work with children, teens and then showing the “Jesus Movie” at dark. In the non-summer months, Jim is involved in prisons and high schools, speaking in churches and working with the church he is a member of, Filadelfia Baptist. God has opened many doors and is bringing many to Himself through the work of Jim’s team in Craiova. Find Jim’s current newsletter on the home page under “News”.

Jim Morgan

Hi, my name is Jim Morgan, from Mears, Michigan, a missionary to Romania with Drive-In Ministries, of Prattville, Alabama.   I served with this mission in the 1970s when I was in my 20s, for 7 years.   The Lord has been working in my heart, and I believe He would have me spend the remaining good years of my life serving Him in Romania with Drive-In.

Let me tell you how it has happened that God has called me to Romania.  Drive-In Ministries has always been on the cutting edge of using technology to spread the Gospel of Christ.  I believe founders, Terry and Olive Lytle, instilled that into me when I served with them.  I observed their passion for the lost and I learned that passion from them.   My spiritual gift is evangelism and in 2007, the Lord encouraged me to use technology to bring people to Himself.
Romania Jim Morgan

The technology I’m speaking of is the Internet.  I have met many people from around the world on the Internet and witnessed to them about the saving power of Jesus Christ.  Some have come to saving faith, just by conversing with them on an instant messenger service and helping them to seek God’s forgiveness and asking Jesus to be their Lord and Savior!

In the winter of 2008, I met a young man in Romania online.  Cata was 16 at the time and he introduced me to 6 of his friends, all 16, all classmates, and one was a Christian.  Teo, the Christian, is the youngest in a family of 12 children.  Teo then introduced me to several brothers, sisters and nieces and nephews of his.  In the process of getting to know all 7 of the young people and witnessing to them, 2 seemed to be interested in spiritual things.  I had a strong desire to go to Romania to meet these young people.

In the spring of 2008, I was visiting with Mike Jones, president of Drive-In Ministries and he mentioned he would be going to Romania in the fall to meet with a Seminary, to speak with them about the potential of putting a film ministry van in that country. vI asked if he would like a companion and so a trip to Romania was born.

As it worked out, I went ahead of Mike, and he joined me the last 2 days of my 10 in Romania. I arrived in Timisoara, Romania on Wednesday evening, November 26, 2008. Teo was to meet me at the airport with his brother Oni and his brother-in-law Pastor Teo.  I went on faith that they would meet me and they did!!  It was a joyful meeting, and from that moment I was Teo and Onis guest in their country for 8 days.  It was a blessing to be with these precious Romanian young people, to hang with them, to worship in their churches and meet many of their family members.  I also met Teo’s 6 classmates.  When my time was over with Teo and Oni, the good bye was tearful and I didn’t expect to ever return to their country, but God had other plans!

The 2 days with Mike were very profitable. We stayed with Pastor Gigi and he showed us 3 tiny churches he pastors out in small, poor, rural villages.  Mike and I caught the vision of great potential for film ministry in Romania.

I returned to Michigan on December 5, 2008, and from the moment I arrived home, the Lord began to tug at my heart about Romania.  I used every excuse I could think of to tell God no, but the tug got stronger every day.  On January 15, 2009, my excuses no longer mattered and I told the Lord I would go to Romania if that’s where He wants me.  Ever since that moment the doors opened as the Lord prepared the way.  I contacted Mike Jones and asked if he would be interested in me being a missionary with Drive-In to Romania, he said yes! vI decided I needed to go back to Romania and within a few days of these decisions, the furnace in my house died.  There went the possibility of being able to afford another trip to Romania, but the Lord had other plans.  Through generous friends from church, the Lord provided $2,717.00 to make the trip!  I was humbled and thankful.

On June 3, 2009 I set out for my 2nd trip to Romania in 6 months, this time for a 12 day visit.  I spent 8 days with Teo, saw his classmates again, met new people, then spent 4 days with Pastor Gigi, and was able to be with him in his 3 tiny churches.  I was 95% sure that God wanted me to serve Him in Romania when I arrived on this trip.  On the morning of June 8, I was staying with Teo, got up at 6:00 AM to read my Bible.  I had started to read Psalms before I left for Romania and on this morning the next chapter was 139.  When I read verses 9 and 10, I stopped, read them again and again, and with tears streaming down my face, knew for certain God wants me in Romania!  This trip was full of blessing meeting more people, speaking in churches and hanging with young people.  When it came time to say good bye to Teo, brother Samy and his wife Ofelia, and niece Ligia, the tears began to flow.  This time I could say “I’ll be back!”

On Labor Day, September 7, 2009, I learned I had been accepted as a candidate for Romania with Drive-In Ministries.  I have been working with my pastors and the mission chairman at my home church, First Baptist of Hart in preparation for deputation and presenting what the Lord has for me to our congregation. On September 20, Mike Jones was here and made the announcement to our congregation that I am a candidate to serve in Romania. On November 1, 2009 I presented the Lord’s calling in my life to the people I have served the Lord with for the past 27 years, at First Baptist of Hart.

Also on Labor Day, I went to my employer, Earl Peterson, of Peterson Farms, Inc. to tell him what God had planned for my life and set the date of October 1, 2010 in which to be my exit from the company I worked at for 17 years.

I went back to Romania for the entire month of April in 2010.  It was necessary to stay for a longer period of time, to meet more people, to see what living in the country was really like.  It was during this time I felt like the city of Craiova would be the place to live and serve from.  I met a young lady whose parents owned an apartment that would be for rent. Today, I rent and live in that very apartment in Craiova.

In the fall of 2009, I began the process of contacting pastors to inquire if they would be interested to know what God was doing in my life, and asked if I could share with their people.  The process of deputation began.  It was a wonderful and scarey time all at once.  I was not accustomed to speaking in front of people.  It was much easier for me to sing.  God opened the doors and hearts of pastors, churches and people.  By January, 2011, I had 80% of my support and began the move to Romania.  I went for 3 months, came home in March, 2011 because I didn’t have a visa to stay longer than 90 days.  I contintued to raise support for the next 3 months, until returning to Romania in June, 2011.

This time, money from the mission was in place to purchase a vehicle in which to minister with.  A 2007 Ford Transit, full size van was located and purchased.  A sound system was ordered, and other items in preparation.  A screen had been shipped to Romania from the states.  We used our van to drive to the city of Cluj in the north to pickup the screen.  Mike Jones and his son Stephen came to put the screen on the van the last week of July and by the end of that week, Friday, July 29, we were ready to begin the ministry.  Mike and Stephen were with us the first 2 evenings!

In August, 2011, I applied for a 5 year visa and it was granted.  Now I can come and go with the persmission from the Romanian government in my wallet in the form of a visa!  2011 was an amazing year of going into villages to share the gospel with children, young people and adults using mostly the Jesus Movie.  People came to Christ.  We went 2 and 3 evenings to each village and began building relationships with precious people.  What an amazing summer as God worked in the hearts of people in the villages, and in our hearts, the people going to do the ministry.

2012 was the best year of my life!  God has opened many, many doors for ministry I had no idea about before I went to Romania.  I knew we would do the village ministry with films in the summer.  God opened doors in the fall to go into 4 Craiova high schools and 2 prisons in Craiova.  We are building many, many relationships with people.  God brought a team of 17 people from my home and sending church in Hart, to Romania for 11 days in June.  What an incredible time with these people helping us in the ministry.  We borrrowed another van equipped just like ours, that is placed with another group in Romania.  This way we had 2 teams and were able to be in 2 villages each evening!  What a great work God did during the stay of the people from Hart!  Many people came to Jesus!

The Lord has used a 21st Century method, the Internet to introduce me to people in Romania. Not many missionaries can say when they arrive on the field that they know people in the country they are about to serve in.  I knew more than 100 people in Romania, had spoken in 7 Romanian churches, before I even arrived to officially begin the work God has called me to do!!  What an incredible time we live in!

Teo taught me months before I ever met him in person that “God is working!”  God is working in my life and He is working in Romania.  If you would like to have a financial part in what God is doing, please use the give online section of this website or send a check directly to Drive-In Ministries.  Thanks for considering!  You can find many pictures on our Facebook page from the 2 summers of village ministry to date.

Facebook:  Cinema pe Roti

email:  jim2romania@gmail.com

cell#  231-742-0575

Here is a video of the first film meeting in Romania!